Slide a few of these sliders down and you’ll be craving them faster than you can grill them.



- 1/3 pound sliced Bill E's Bacon (4 whole slices)
- 1 1/2 pounds fresh ground beef
- One dozen small slider buns
- Three slices of American Cheese (fold into fourths & separate)
- 12 Bread & Butter pickles
- One red onion
- Mustard whole grain 1/4 cup
- salt
- pepper
- butter


1: Cut strips of bacon in thirds
2: Place bacon on baking sheet lined with wax paper
3: Bake bacon for 15 to 20 minutes at 350 degrees
4: Make twelve 1.5 ounce patties
5: Salt & Pepper burger patties and grill to your liking.  Bill E likes em Medium Rare or 145 degrees
6: Melt cheese on patties just before removing from grill
7: Butter and lightly grill buns
8: On warm bottom bun add: one teaspoon mustard, one pickle, one nice red onion center ring
9: Place hot patty on the onions and top with 1/3 strip soft Bill E's Bacon
10: Lastly top it all of with a warm hot buttered bun

The key to this being wonderful is to time all of the above so that the bun, cheese, burger and bacon are all hot and melty.