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"When Berkshire Red pigs and Chantilly White pigs get together, magic happens."

— Bill E


Like other artisanal foods made in smaller quantities, the flavor of Bill E’s Small Batch Bacon is something special. It makes regular mass-produced bacon from the supermarket taste like, well, regular mass-produced bacon from the supermarket. From the small family farms where the pigs are raised, to the premium ingredients used in curing, Bill E doesn’t cut corners. In fact, his bacon is so delicious and beloved, local songwriters serenade every batch where it’s smoked in Fairhope, Alabama.


Discover how William “Bill E” Stitt cured his obsession with bacon.

Everybody loves bacon. Even vegetarians will admit that. But nobody loves it like Bill E, and making his own brand of bacon to share with others was a dream of his since before he can remember. So one day he decided to do something about it. It didn’t happen overnight though. Finding the right breed of pig took awhile, and he tinkered with his recipe for over three years, trying out different curing methods and timing the smoking process to perfection. It wasn’t easy, but when you’re as passionate about bacon as Bill E, you take the time to get things right.


Only the finest ingredients go into this bacon.
Bill E wouldn’t slice it any other way.

There are all sorts of reasons Bill E’s tastes better than your average bacon, starting with how the pigs are raised on the 25 Midwestern family farms where the pork comes from. Berkshire Red and Chantilly White pigs are specially bred for maximum meatiness and flavor, then Bill E hand-cures the meat for eight days in pink curing salt and heavy duty brown sugar made with real molasses. The pork bellies are turned every other day to enrich the process before being cold-smoked in hickory, producing exceptionally tender meat that’s sweet and savory.

"I only use dark brown sugar from the finest molasses to make my bacon. You’re welcome."

— Bill E